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The weekend/ICC

17-18 sep

ICC (Imaginative Choreographic Center) presents The Weekend - ICC in HALLEN, Stockholm, the 17th and 18th of September 2022!

ICC is a long term artistic project focused on the process of imaginative institutionalization of the artist’s work in the field of choreography and dance. It is authored by STEAM ROOM - an artistic team within the field of choreography and dance established by Aleksandar Georgiev - Ace, Zhana Pencheva and Darío Barreto Damas.

More about ICC and its projects can be read here:

During this event we would like to introduce ICC in the context of Stockholm; meet with local creators, institutions and critical thinkers who are interested in the formats we work for, and create new partnerships for our upcoming festival-like, discursive format of 3 weeks "The Context of ICC" in April - May 2023.


17th September:

- Institutional Dreaming Practice. Public Game around institutions and arts in the local context / 16:00 - 18:00

- "seguir moviendo", dance work by Darío Bardam + after talk / 19:00 - 21:00

- Chillov Live Set + DJ set / 21:00 - 23:00

18th September:

- FIKA / 16:00 - 18:00

- "The power of S", choreographic work by Aleksandar Georgiev + after talk / 18:00 - 20:00



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