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SEARCH/Lisa Janbell

2 april

SEARCH is a performative dance research with eight dancers. We will have four process shows during the year. A quick and immediate process, meeting our audiences is a way to activate us back to the performative space we so much longed for the last years.

Lets celebrate our needs, share space and immerse ourselves in SEARCH for the right path in a dystopian time.

Choreography and idea: Lisa Janbell

Performed by dancers: Cajsa Chevré Godée, Cecilia Redhe, Fredrika Burvall, Maria Naidu,

Mona-Lisa Namér, Rebecca Livaniou, Savanna Hanneryd, Sofia Sangregorio

Music: Jessie Granqvist

Lightdesigner: Kim Stålnacke

Costume: Lisa Janbell

First edition: 2nd of april 21.00 HALLEN, Mårbackagatan 11, Farsta

(Next edition 14& 16 th of May,

9 dancers tba)

With support from Kulturrådet och HALLEN


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