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Quantum Society/Sara Gebran

27 mars

Quantum Travellers' is the name of the performative activation, assemble and strategy for dissemination of Sara Gebran's new 'choreographic-publication' QUANTUM SOCIETY, inviting 7 artists based in Stockholm to read, discuss and remediate any aspect of this publication into performances.

During 3 days the artists Rebecka Stillman, Jennifer Lacey, Karina Sarkissova, Tor Lindstrand, Pontus Pettersson, Amalia Kasakove and Sara Gebran, will meet and perform their translations from this publication to the stage. Their works and the introduction to the publication is presented to the public the

Includes time for drinks, mingling, and to buy the book.


QUANTUM SOCIETY proposes the book as a new space for the production of artistic practices, using the page as a stage, the book as a venue and as a public arena for collective self-governance, and self-curation without hegemony. While it proposes books as strategies to create alternative spaces as infrastructures for being connected, included, and caring for each other. As venue, it proposes a new system for production and dissemination of performing arts lowering production cost, minimising resources, and maximazing connectivity.

Combined with the practice of experimenting with how to perform this publication, how does the experience of reading merge with the experience of performing, and how the practices and theories proposed could be disseminated and developed by the collective and by this mode of live-transmission?

QUANTUM TRAVELLERS will be similarly experienced in 9 cities: Oslo, Brussels, Helsinki, Berlin, Lisbon, Iceland, Valencia, Zagreb, and Århus, with the participation of 4-8 local artists from each of these cities.

Stockholm event is CO-PRODUCED by CCAP.SE &

SUPPORT: Mobility fund/Nordic Culture Point.

PUBLISHERS: Errant Bodies Press &

MaMa - Multimedia Institute


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