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Welcome to explore dance and movement next Sunday!

As an extension of Norrdans audition, Norrdans invites the Stockholm dance

community to a cost-free improvisation workshop.

When: Sunday, 04.02.2024, at 10:00-13:00

Where: The Hall in Farsta

How: Free of charge, but registration is required.

Send an email to if you want to attend.

Limited spots, first come, first served.

About the Workshop

In this workshop, we explore what generates movement, activate alternative sources

of movement, and embrace our spontaneity. The starting point is the relationship

between vibration, resonance, and space, another is our observation and action in

relation to the context we find ourselves in.

Malin Astner works as an educator and dance artist in Malmö and Copenhagen. She

graduated from the University of Dance (DOCH) in Stockholm in 2002 and has since

worked as a dancer for various freelance choreographers, as an educator in different

programs, and as a rehearsal director and choreography assistant both freelance

and at institutions such as Skånes Dansteater. In 2008, she moved to Berlin to

deepen her work in improvisation. In 2011, Malin moved to Malmö, where she

initiated the organization Samtidsverket, which works for artistic research. Since

2016, Malin has worked as a senior lecturer in dance and choreography in the BA

and MA programs at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.


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