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Moving Landscapes/Quarto (Dansens Hus c/o)

5-6 maj

In our new stage work, we would like to use theatrical apparatus to create an environment where all these values and attitudes toward the territory, locality, ecology of habitation, and porosity between private and public, could be explored in an intricate choreography of bodies challenged, (un)framed and ultimately held by the cubic construction in the making.

The immateriality of the cube – sounding the spirit of the void

Choreography, concept & performance: Anna Mesquita & Leandro Zappala

Artistic advisor: Igor Dobričić

Light design & technical coordinator: Tobias Hallgren (Lumination of Sweden)

Sound design: Tim Palmer

Cinematography: Gregori Bastos, Mary Isaac, Osama Elgendy, Anton Abrahamsson & Maria Berg (Septemberfilm).

Edit & postproduction: Leandro Zappala, Henrik Norberg & Gregori Bastos.

Co-production: Weld, Dansens Hus Stockholm & Art Stations Foundation / Susch Museum (Switzerland).

Created in residence and in collaboration with MDT (Sweden) & Breaking Walls Festival Cairo (Egypt).

International collaborations and upcoming tour: Art Stations Foundation / Museum Susch; Switzerland, GAM Cultural Center; Chile, Panorama International Dance Festival; Brazil, The National Institute of Performing Arts (INAE); Uruguay, Breaking Walls Festival; Egypt, NIDO; Uruguay, Campo; Brazil.

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council.


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