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History was written by losers/Hoedown Showdown/Tilman O'Donnell, David Kern & Laura Tamm(SITE/specific festival)

15 juni

History Was Written By the Losers / Hoedown Showdown examines and calls into question the way history is generally presented and propagated. The title is a play on the cliché ”History is written by the victors.” Here the losers, with earnest conviction, humor and a touch of melancholy, interrogate the very efficacy of history itself.  

By & With: Tamar Lamm, David Kern, Tilman O’Donnell  

Text: David Kern & Tilman O’Donnell  

Light Design & Technical Direction: Thomas Zamolo  

Produced by: WELD, Stockholm  

With the generous support of: The Israeli Choreographers Association & The Fund For Independent Creators 


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