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From the Throat to the Dawn/Sorour Darabi (My Wild Flag)

From the Throat to the Dawn

As a part of the festival My Wild Flag

9 sep

‘A place emerges, holding us as a whole at the same time as many intimate, social, political fragments.

An affective landscape envelops us in the skin of a futuristic fantasy awaiting a belated renaissance.’

‘From the Throat to the Dawn’ is 3 hour long performance and installation. Entry and exit into the performance occurs permitted throughout the performance.

Artistic direction: Sorour Darabi

Guest artists: Lune, Ellen Söderhult, Escarleth Romo Pozo

​Music composition and live music performance by: Pablo Altar, Detente 

Scenography: Alicia Zaton on an original idea of Sorour Darabi, in collaboration with local company/provider 

Light design: Shaly Lopez


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