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Musik i skog/Audrey Chen, Doron Sadja & David Granström (ccap, Anrikningsverket)

9 april

AFTERBURNER by Audrey Chen & Doron Sadja (US/DE)

Berlin-based AFTERBURNER is the new collaborative project of vocalist Audrey Chen and electronic artist Doron Sadja. In a crowded field of voice-and-electronics duos, the pair uniquely weaves together Chen’s idiosyncratic vocal growls and chirps, Sadja’s dense synthetic atmospheres and immersive smoke and light show into a singular monolithic landscape. Intimate, dark, chaotic and ritualistic, Chen and Sadja create a fascinating vision of romantic noise music that is all their own.

Doron Sadja is an American artist, composer, and curator whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space. Often using multichannel or motorised speaker systems and high-intensity fog and light, Sadja crafts immersive performance and installation works that are both playful and transportive.

Audrey Chen has used cello, voice and analog electronics for highly personal, non-linear storytelling. Unprocessed and often improvised, she has explored layering analog electronics with traditional and extended techniques for voice and cello for nearly two decades.

► David Granström (SE)

David Granström is a composer and sound artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. His sound work is characterized by harmonic simplicity and spatiotextural complexity, employing sounds of both synthetic and acoustic origin, researching new methods for working algorithmically with real-time sound synthesis and precision-tuned harmony.

For his last album “Empty Room”, released on vinyl in 2021 by experimental Swiss label Hallow Ground, David Granström took his guitar as a starting point. Physically and meditatively alluring, the album is marked by melodies and harmonies that are the product of a peculiar working process turning the composer into an intent listener collaborating with, rather than simply using technology, making for a powerful journey.

▲ Free admission. With support from Stockholms stad and Farsta stadsdelsnämnd.


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